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03.11.2015  15:03:31, David
How much are the shippment costs?

It is individual and it depends on the total value of your order and where are you from. If you will place your order up to 181€ incl. VAT, the shipping is free of charge worldwide.

Please, try to place your order and you will find the final price with the shippment costs.

21.07.2015  10:40:51,
VAT refund for non-EU residents only

If you meet the following requirements, you can apply for VAT refund.

Conditions for tax refunds to physical persons from the third countries at the export of goods

1. The foreign physical person having no permanent residence on the territory of the European Community and his/her stay in the third country is entered in the passport or any other certificate of identity recognized as valid by the Czech Republic and not realising any economic activity in this country
2. The purchased goods have no character of goods for trading
3. The purchased goods, the price of which including tax is paid to one seller in one day and is higher than
CZK 2 000 (about 80EUR, check current exchange rate)
4. The purchased goods is exported in the travelling relations within 3 calendar months since the end of the month in which the goods were sold, at the latest
5. The claim for refund may be laid only with the payer, who sold the goods, within 6 months since the end of the month, in which the goods were sold, at the latest

To apply for VAT refund, please follow further instructions.
1. Download the form here:
http://www.celnisprava.cz/cz/dane/informace-pro-fyzicke-osoby/Form_VAT/25%205235_3.pdf , complete it carefully according to the instructions (all amounts in CZK!) and have it confirmed by the customs authority when departing the Czech Republic or EU territory. The customs authority will ask you to present the purchased goods and your invoice.
2. Post the form confirmed by customs authority and the invoice to our address: KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH a.s , F.A. Gerstnera 21/3,371 30 České Budějovice, Czech Republic and kindly mark it "E-SHOP VAT refund".
3. Submit your account details, such as: your bank full name, your account number, IBAN and SWIFT.
4. After we receive all necessary documents and data from you, we will refund VAT in a few working days to you.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

21.07.2015  10:39:55,
What to do if your parcel is damaged in the transit?

Your goods are delivered to you by two chosen carriers, depending on your location. They do their best to deliver your goods as soon as possible and in a perfect condition. However, damage might occur in the transit.

Therefore please check your parcel carefully when receiving it from the carrier. Don´t accept the parcel, if it's damaged or let the carrier confirm the damage to you in writing.

If you have already accepted the parcel and it's obviously damaged in the transit, follow these instructions:
- take a photo of the damaged parcel before opening it
- open the parcel so that the damage is still visible
- keep all the evidence showing the damage, such as broken packaging
- inform the carrier within 3 days from the delivery
- inform us that you are making a claim

PPL claim form (for parcels delivered to EU member countries):
Fill in the claim form, describe the packaging and the damage in detail and attach the photo documentation.

FedEx mailbox (for parcels delivered to EU non-member countries):
Describe the packaging and the damage in detail and attach the photo documentation.

Your claim will be settled within 30 days after you submit complete data.

21.07.2015  10:38:26,
Any problems with the payment?

n our e-shop you can pay either by your payment card or transfer your payment to our account. Payment method can be chosen in your cart when filling your contact details.

In case of money transfer please use the payment details sent to your mailbox. Your order should be paid within 2 weeks from the order date. Note that the goods can be dispatched after we receive your payment only.

If paying by a credit card in case of payment failure please use the link sent to your mailbox.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you meet any problems.

21.07.2015  10:36:11,
Proč je Váš eshop pouze v angličtině a můžeme platit jen v €?

Vážený zákazníku,
vítáme Vás na našem e-shopu. Tento e-shop je prvotně určen zahraničnímu zákazníkovi, který nemá jinou možnost si naše zboží obstarat. Proto se omlouváme za cenu v EUR a anglický jazyk. Vy, jako tuzemský zákazník, můžete využít tuzemské prodejny, jejichž seznam naleznete na našich stránkách zde:http://www.koh-i-noor.cz/znackove-prodejny a http://www.koh-i-noor.cz/partnerske-prodejny . Pokud raději nakupujete online, nebráníme Vám ve využití tohoto e-shopu a rádi Vám budeme nápomocni při nákupu.

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