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    Processing of personal data

    Personal data
    This website uses cookie files, primarily in order to improve its functions or to make navigation, searching, browsing or on-line buying a better experience or easier for the user.

    In addition to these functionality-related temporary cookie files, other cookies are stored in your device through the third parties' tools in order to monitor the user experience quality during your visit of this website.

    These tools include, but are not limited to, the following:

          - Google Analytics

          - Goggle Tag Manager

          - Facebook

          - Heureka




    Our website does not utilize web beacons or any other similar monitoring technologies. Under no circumstance do we use cookie files in order to collect, process, disseminate or record personal data.

    Most browsers automatically permit the use of the cookies unless the browser is set to prevent it. You can restrict the use of or block the cookies in the settings options of your web browser.

    By using our website, you express your consent with application of the cookie files in your device.

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